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custom1 Besides requiring exceptional craftsmanship to build a high quality bike frame, it also takes the proper tools. Our staff, Trev and Nick, have spared no expense in procuring the highest quality equipment available to outfit the shop at Ride-on Cycles
custom2 Nick miters tubes on the mill. Tools such as this cutter head are hand finished by Trev and Nick for perfect alignment with virtually zero runout, ensuring the truest frame. Once the tubing is cut to specs and mitered, the sections are placed in this Henry James fixture for precise positioning during the welding process.
custom3 At several points during the fabrication process, the frame is placed in the Henry James Frame Alignment System to maintain its perfection.
custom4 “Brevet” frame after welding, ready for the paint shop. Once you have your new custom built Gypsy Frame, the next step is installing all those goodies and then making the adjustments to fit that buff body of yours.