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Ride-on Cycles Snowy Mountains

has now been designing and building their own frames for 10 years. Over this time we have seen the design change quite considerably, with the original frames being mainly steel and being used with rigid forks and cantilever brakes to the current range for use with 100mm travel forks, disc brakes and being built out of the lightest materials. trev With Ride-on frames you can be assured of the latest design and tube materials. We stock 2 steel, 6 aluminium and one Titanium frame with prices ranging from $99 to $599 there should be a frame to suit everyone. All carry a lifetime warranty to the original owner covering both material and manufacturing defects. With our range of 9 frames in either 3 or 4 sizes we usually have on stock over 400 frames at any one time.
Ride-on Cycles, Snowy Mountains stock components such as: